Velodyne DDP18 - 18" Subwoofer

velodyne dd 18


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Fast, accurate and elegant, the Digital Drive PLUS series features Digital High-gain Servo control, that monitors and controls cone motion nearly 16,000 times per second, keeping distortion below 0.5%. The Energy Recovery System amplifier delivers 3000 watts of dynamic power and 1250 watts of continuous RMS power at over 95% efficient, dedicating nearly all of its power to bass reproduction with virtually no energy wasted as heat, adding to the sub’s long lifespan. With Auto-EQ PLUS, the 8-band digital equalizer seamlessly blends your subwoofer’s performance with your system and your room. The Digital Drive PLUS series represents three decades of groundbreaking technology and is universally recognized as the reference standard in bass reproduction.


System Format – Active Subwoofer
Low frequency response – 14.4 Hz
Upper frequency response – 40-199 Hz
Room Correction – 8-Band Auto-EQPLUS
Power – 1250 Watts
Amplifer – Class-D ERS Servo controlled
Bass Alignment – Sealed Woofer 18″ Fibreglass Rohacell Laminate
H x W x D – 580 x 530 x 650mm
Weight – 64.5 kg