QED QE1420 Performance Ruby Anniversary Evolution Speaker Cable 2m Pair

QED 1420 Ruby Anniversary Evolution


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Ruby Anniversary EVOLUTION is a completely new design from the QED laboratories in celebration of FORTY years at the forefront of UK speaker cable design. It utilizes the technologies of both Genesis and X-Tube cables and combines them in a new miniature format to bring high end cable philosophies to the budget hi-fi market.

This cable offers exceptional performance for its price through its use of carefully calculated Air Core™ geometry which has the combined effect of reducing the overall impedance of the cable below that which would be expected of a traditional speaker cable of the same cross-sectional area from DC right up to 100kHz. In particular the individual parallel conductor geometry combined with the hollow central core combine to give a very low inductance cable that drastically reduces the “skin effect” meaning that the vast majority of the cross-sectional area of the cable is used throughout the audio spectrum. Conductor spacing has been carefully engineered to take advantage of this naturally low self inductance so that parallel capacitance can be further reduced by moving the conductors further apart than normal.

This reduces distortion by minimizing the amount of energy stored in the cable some of which will be lost when it is returned during each cycle at different frequencies. This is why the measured dissipation factor is an incredibly low 0.0001. By using a special formulation of different conductor gauges each frequency carried by the cable is free to take the easiest path possible and micro-timing of the signal is affected. As a result of these changes the cable now has an even more improved upper mid and treble presentation.

For use as a connection between any audio power amplifier or integrated amplifier and loudspeakers.