Klipsch XR8i In-Ear Headphones

Klipsch XRi8i


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Klipsch XR8i HYBRID High clarity Headphone As one probably the most inexpensive hybrids in the marketplace, XR8i combines the most productive of both worlds of drivers – dynamic and balanced armature. XR8i includes a true downward-firing subwoofer to extend authentic bass into the single-digit frequencies. In the event you like loads of bass but cannot sacrifice on clarity, that is the in-ear for you. High clarity and full bass hybrid design. A home theater to your eyes.

KG-2365 AcuPass(R) Two-Way Hybrid Driver
KG-065 Dynamic Woofer
KG-723 Balanced Armature Tweeter
Die-Cast Zinc and Co-Molded Elastomer Housing
Patented Oval Ear Tips (4 Different Pairs)