Harman Kardon HD Combo 1716S - Home Theater System

Harman kardon 1716s combo


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Transform home theatre from a collection of cinematic experiences to a way of life with the Harman Kardon® HD COM 1716S. This remarkable home theatre system lets you enjoy everything from movies on Blu-ray Disc™ media to music files on your computer in crisp, detailed 5.1-channel surround sound, while taking up minimal space in your living area. Includes the Harman Kardon AVR 171S audio/video receiver and the Harman Kardon HKTS 16 speaker system 


Seven 100-watt-per-channel amplifiers with high-performance digital power supply
Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect
HARMAN TrueStream technology
Six 3D-ready HDMI 2.0 inputs
Front-panel USB port 
Multiroom system with assignable amplifier
Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ decoding
EzSet/EQ III auto-calibration
Engineered to work as a complete system
Voice-matched centre and satellite speakers
200-watt down-firing powered subwoofer
Multidevice, programmable remote control 

Seven 100-watt-per-channel amplifiers with highperformance digital power supply

The AVR 171S high-performance audio/video receiver pumps out 100 watts per channel to power a full seven-channel surround sound system. It can also connect to two powered subwoofers to provide enhanced low-frequency performance for all your entertainment. While the amplifiers retain the timetested, high-current-capacity (HCC) ultrawide-bandwidth Harman Kardon® design to ensure the most accurate, dynamic sound with enhanced clarity and realism – even at the highest listening levels, a digitally based power supply gives the amplifiers all the muscle they need without the weight of traditional power supply designs and their heavy transformers. The net result is a great-sounding AVR in a small form that is friendlier to the environment. 

Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect

The AVR 171S can stream audio from virtually any portable device. For Apple devices, such as computers and the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, you can stream using the receiver’s built-in AirPlay technology. For other tablets, smartphones and laptops, you can take advantage of the AVR 171S’s integrated HARMAN TrueStream Bluetooth technology. The AVR also features Spotify Connect, which allows you to stream music directly from your Spotify premium account on your phone, tablet or computer. (AirPlay, vTuner and Spotify Connect connections require a wired connection to a broadband network.) 

HARMAN TrueStream technology

The HARMAN TrueStream guarantee ensures the best possible listening experience when you stream audio wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. HARMAN TrueStream tech selects the most current, most advanced wireless option to ensure the highest-quality sound, no matter what application or source device you use.

Six 3D-ready HDMI inputs, including one with MHL

Six HDMI 2.0 inputs with 3D and 30/36-bit Deep Color deliver high-definition digital video at resolutions up to 1080p with full- fidelity audio through a single cable. There is no loss of video or audio quality because of format conversion, just full-impact Hollywood excitement as its creators meant you to experience it. And with MHL, you can deliver high-definition audio/video content from your camera, phone, tablet or Roku Streaming Stick dongle directly to your HDTV via the AVR 171S’s MHL connection.

Dual Subwoofer Outputs

Is your listening room so large that you need two subwoofers to deliver the bass you desire? That’s not a problem with the AVR 171S, thanks to dual subwoofer outputs that give your system a big-time boost in low-frequency clarity and realism when needed. Multiroom system with assignable amplifier Control the audio in separate rooms with a single receiver.Thanks to the AVR 171S’s assignable amplifiers, you can power the audio in a second room without adding additional components. That means you can watch sports in one room while you play the soothing sounds of classical music in another.